5 Reasons You’d Want A Boulder In Your Landscaping

Alliance Stone is Atlanta’s landscape boulder supplier. When you need boulders for your landscaping project or to order any other natural stone products, you can count on us to deliver you with the best stone products and supplies. 

Why Boulders?

  • Boulders can add a natural element to man-made paving materials. A natural boulder or boulders can be placed with pavers or concrete areas to give a natural element to a not-so-natural part of your landscaping.
  • Boulders can add a focal point to your landscaping. You can even add a light element and spotlight the boulder at night. You could also consider backlighting your boulder for a silhouette effect.
  • Boulders are a great way to draw attention away from unwanted visual items in your yard such as air conditioning units. Do not place the boulder in front of it, but set it away from it to draw the eyes' attention elsewhere.
  • Boulders add an element of proportion, which is essential to landscape design. Proportion is related to the size relationship that all the aspects of design have to each other.
  • Boulders have versatility. They can be used as seating, waterfalls, arrangement options and planting and nesting surround. Nesting is a Japanese technique used in gardens. You can see more samples of Japanese garden elements using boulders here

One of the biggest challenges of adding a boulder to your landscape is getting the boulder to your home or business. Alliance Stone will help remove that barrier by delivering your boulders to your home or business and offload them on location. Call us today.

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