A Science Lesson About Polymers

Atlanta GA Polymer ProductsAt Alliance Stone, we use the best products the industry offers to deliver a quality product that you will enjoy for years to come. One such product is a polymer. We use two types of polymers, Gator Dust and Polymeric Sand. Both of these products are a great alternative to the traditional use of sand to connect stonework. They are both great for sealing and stabilizing your hardscapes. They also do not require a sealer and protect against weeds popping up between your stonework.

Do you remember what a polymer is from Science class in school? The word “polymer” actually means “many units.” Polymers are long chains of hooked together molecules. It is like a chain of paper clips, where one paper clip is a “mer”, or unit. Several paperclips together represent the polymer. Some examples of common polymers are paper, egg cartons, napkins etc.

A common rising science experiment many youth are enjoying involves polymers. Check out the Internet and you’ll see kids of all ages creating “goo.” They use glue and liquid laundry starch and combine them for a chemical reaction that changes the properties of the two polymers (glue and starch). 

As you can see, polymers are common for linking things together. We use them to make your stonework beautiful and secure. You can sit back and relax knowing we have all of the products that are best for your job to ensure a quality end product. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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