A Sure Step

Set of Pavers for Patios and WalkwaysAlliance Stone offers many options for your walking surfaces. Flagstone, pavers, gravel and flagstone step threads are great additions to any outdoor walking surface. They provide a beautiful, natural, and solid addition to your home or landscape. Call our professionals to see which product is right for your next project.

A Slippery Step

Keeping your stone surface clean is a great way to prevent accidental slipping as you walk or step. Stone can become slippery when wet. In addition, the increase in pollen levels this year can also increase the likelihood of a slip. Spring pollen levels continue to rise. A study published by The Lancet Planetary Health revealed an increase in pollen levels due to climate change. Pollen buildup on your stone surfaces can provide you with a dangerously slippery area at your home or business.

A Clean Step

Clean stone will not only look good but also it will also provide you with a safe walking area for your outdoor walking areas. Clean surfaces provide you with the traction and slip-resistance necessary for a sure step. You can clean your surfaces by sweeping them well and rinsing them off with water. If the accumulated pollen, dirt, or mold is still present, you may need to enlist the help of a pressure washer.

Alliance Stone – Providing Your Stone For Over 14 Years

Alliance Stone knows stones. We've been in the industry for over 14 years. We can help you select the best stone for your outdoor project. You can be sure of our experience and expertise when you come to see us. We are North Georgia's premier natural stone suppliers. Come see us today!

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