Achieving A Modern And Contemporary Design With Custom Cuts

Custom Cut Stone PiecesAlliance Stone is North Georgia’s premier stone fabricator with custom cuts and uses. If you’re looking to create a modern or contemporary home or business setting, you can rely on us for your quality landscape products that are cut, split or reshaped to create the long-lasting appeal of your contemporary design.

There are common traits that help you create a modern and contemporary design to your home or business. Some of those essential components include beauty and elegance that is simple, yet profound.

Essential Elements of Contemporary Design 

  • Subtle Colors
  • Use of Natural Materials
  • Stream-lined Elements
  • Free from heavy ornamentation or historical influences
  • Simple rectilinear or curvilinear forms
  • Flat rooflines
  • Less is more
  • Expansive Windows
  • Exterior details that mirror the environment
  • Strong geometric shapes

If you’re wanting to express more modern and contemporary details in your home or business, Alliance Stone can help you achieve that look with our custom cuts. With our custom cuts, you can develop or accentuate a modern and contemporary design. Custom cut stones offer you the simplicity you want and the natural and subtle colors you need. In addition to the color and simplicity you can achieve, you also can add the clean lines that are essential to this style of design.

Contact Alliance Stone for all your stone fabrication and custom cuts for the best products and services. We are North Georgia’s premier stone fabricator with custom cuts and uses. Call us today.

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