April Showers Bring May Flowers – Do You Have A Spot For Them?

Atlanta GA Company That Builds Retaining WallsIt’s springtime! Isn’t it a glorious time? New growth begins, and an almost rebirth of the earth happens to what’s been dormant over the winter months. Everything appears greener, brighter, and happier. Have you purchased your annuals to plant to adorn your house exterior?

In Georgia, some of the best annuals to plant in the spring are:

  • Geraniums
  • Petunias
  • Marigolds
  • Coleus

Do you have a great place to plant your annuals? There’s always the option of planting some in a pot. Pots can accent your home well. The traditional clay pots are classic and durable. There are the painted pots that can offer an additional pop of color. The plastic pots that look like ceramic are a good option for a long-lasting pot at a reasonable price.

Have you ever considered a stone retaining wall or area to accent your flower beds with stone? Lining your yard or your home with defined areas for flowers or shrubs gives your home a more put together look.

Stone accents make a nice contrast to any exterior. Don’t be afraid that stone may not match exactly. Having a contrast to your brick, stone or siding offers interest and variety on your home’s exterior. Accenting those areas with spring annuals makes for a beautiful and welcoming exterior to your home.

Call Alliance Stone today to see how you can accent your home with stone. We will handle your stone needs, and you can handle the planting of flowers!

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