April Showers Will Bring You May Flowers In Your Retaining Wall

Atlanta GA Stone SupplierRetaining walls can be a great addition both functionally and aesthetically to your home. They can control your water drainage and prevent erosion as well. In addition to its functionality, if it’s constructed with high quality materials like those at Alliance Stone they add beauty. Another less known benefit to a retaining wall is the fact that they can serve as an area to plant greenery and flowers.

April brought us nice spring showers so May flowers can bloom. If you have a retaining wall and you’re looking for the best flowers and greenery to plant in them, consider some of these great additions to your retaining wall beauty.

  • Creeping Jenny is beautiful greenery that will have golden flowers that will bloom in early summer. It has round leaves that love moist soil and full sun. Creeping Jenny is a great partner with just about any other flowers in your retaining wall. They act as a frame to your other spring blossoms.
  • If you’re looking for a combination of floral colors you can choose Morning Glory. Its bell-shaped colorful flowers come out in spring and will bloom all summer.
  • If you have a tall retaining wall you may want to consider the Trumpet Vine. It can grow up to 30 feet long. This beautiful vine hosts brilliant orange flowers with will develop into a pod-shaped fruit. This vine does require some pruning.

If you’re adding a retaining wall to your residential or commercial property for either function or beauty, Alliance Stone wants to earn your business for your retaining wall material. You handle getting the flowers; we’ll help with your wall!

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