Beautiful and Functional Uses for Boulders

bouldersFieldstone boulders are an interesting variety of natural stone that can provide functional and aesthetic value to your property. These are rough rocks that are meant to be used as they are to provide focal points, water falls, borders or other functions. While there are many natural stone options we offer at Alliance Stone, one of the more intriguing rock types are our 1, 2 and 3 man boulders. There are many imaginative ways to incorporate boulders into your landscaping for beauty and function.

Boulders for Bollards

Boulders are a perfect option for preventing vehicles from entering your yard or destroying your landscaping. Instead of boring bollards to keep your property safe, consider the benefits of large specimen boulders. Placed a few feet apart, giant boulders can protect your property while providing the beauty of natural stone around the perimeter of your driveway or property.

Ledges for Water to Fall

If you are adding a stunning waterfall to your property, boulders are great building blocks to create your trickling and splashing focal point. Alliance Stone has boulders from giant to small to build the steps of your waterfall and create the size and depth you desire. You can combine boulders with other stone options that will bring natural beauty and relaxing water sounds to your property.

Fire Pit Henge

Create your own spectacular stone henge in your backyard with big boulders. Small fieldstones and river rock are great for building your fire pit, but boulders can be the ring around the fire circle. The right-sized boulders can be used for a natural seating area around your fire pit – you do not need to worry about these chairs getting burned or causing a fire hazard! Boulders make the perfect outdoor furniture that will last for a lifetime.

At Alliance Stone, we have the gorgeous natural stone and rock you need for your next landscaping project, including large boulders. Use your imagination to come up with unique ways to use boulders for your outdoor living spaces. Stop by our location in Cumming, GA to view our incredible natural stone products.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone