Building A Retaining Wall? We Can Help!

Stone Retaining WallAlliance Stone is North Georgia’s natural stone supplier. If you’re planning to add a retaining wall to your landscaping, Alliance Stone offers you several accessories that will help you finish out with the supplies you need to complete your natural stone project.

When considering what your retaining wall will look like, your main focus tends to be on the stone that will be used and the final look of your project. That is a great place to start on your project, however you will need to also consider other vital supplies you will need in order to complete your project.

Retaining wall grids are one important component for your stone retaining wall stability. These grids add strength and longevity to your wall. They will also help prevent your wall from prematurely failing or falling.

There are many things you will need to take into consideration while planning your retaining wall. You’ll need to match your wall specifications to the conditions of the location of the retaining wall. Your clay type will also need to be determined and taken into consideration to determine how much gridding you need. You will need the length of your wall and determine the number of layers that you need as well.

If you’re planning to install a retaining wall in 2019, come see our professionals at Alliance Stone to fill all your natural stone and natural stone accessory needs. Our professionals at Alliance Stone look forward to assisting you with your retaining wall needs.

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