Building a Stone Patio? Here’s Your Shopping List

paver backyard patioIf you want to add the beauty of natural stone to your backyard with a new patio, this can be a great DIY project. Save thousands of dollars by putting in the hard work yourself – nothing is more rewarding than improving your home and it is also excellent exercise. Before you begin, you need to determine the materials you will need and have them delivered to your home. Alliance Stone is the ideal place to find the quality stone and other materials you will need to build the ultimate natural stone patio. Here’s the materials you will need.


Your patio will need a gravel base as its foundation and for drainage. Most stone patios will need about 4-10-inches of gravel as the base. Depending on the size of your patio, this can require a dozen or more tons of gravel to line your patio outline. We have various options in gravel at Alliance Stone – our experienced staff can help you find the right gravel for your project.

Paving Stones

You can choose from many different types of paving stone for your patio. Essentially, any flat stone that is about 2-4-inches in thickness will work to pave your patio. Flagstone is very popular – we offer several varieties of flagstone at our quarry in many shapes, colors and thicknesses. When planning your order, always add an extra 15% more than your patio space to ensure you have enough to finish the project if you need to make adjustments.

Dust or Sand

To secure your stones in place and keep weeds from growing in between your pavers, you will need a granular or polymer product. This is either sand or dust that will be swept into the cracks between the stones. Gator dust is one option – it is better for larger cracks up to four inches. For narrow cracks, you will want to use sand. We offer both at our quarry in Cumming, GA.

At Alliance Stone, we carry a wide assortment of natural stones, pavers, gravels, polymer products and accessories. Our team will help you fill your stone patio shopping list, and we offer full service delivery six days a week in Cumming, GA and many surrounding communities. Call us today to get started on your patio planning.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone