Choose Gravel for your Landscape Design

At Alliance Stone, we are dedicated to providing our North Georgia customers with complete landscaping solutions. An outdoor kitchen or patio area forms a focal point in your garden for relaxing and socializing. Many homeowners build their design ideas around these large hardscaping features. However, the smaller design choices are often overlooked and could otherwise bring a landscape to life. 

Easy and Cost-effective to Maintain

A grass or soil verge for your bedding plants or soil beds is an attractive choice. Unfortunately, grassy areas must be regularly trimmed, and soil regularly mulched to stay in good condition. In addition, wood and concrete will need regular treatments to prevent costly repairs over time. On the other hand, gravel is not time-consuming or costly to maintain; in general, all that is required is the replacement of thinning stones.

Reduces the Appearance of Weeds and Pests

Any gardener knows that weeds can appear anywhere. Grass offers optimal conditions for weed growth but can also push through cracks in concrete and slats in decking. An inch of gravel significantly reduces weed growth without pesticides. Wood bark inevitably attracts insects like spiders and roaches. Gravel does not decompose and is not an attractive home for garden pests.

Improved Drainage

Standing water on driveways and pathways is a safety hazard. Falling over or skidding in a vehicle is more likely on wet surfaces. Over time, standing water damages and erodes the material underneath. As it is loose and compacted, gravel encourages water to drain away.

A Style and Function to Suit your Taste

Gravel comes in a range of colors and shapes to give a particular look and function. For example, slate chips are larger and flat in a blue-grey tone. They add a unique finish to flower beds and can create pathways. Cumberland Blend is designed to settle in place and works well for driveways and turnarounds. Alliance Stone can help you choose a blend of stones to create eye-catching effects in your landscape.

To hear more about the extensive range of gravel available from Alliance Stone, contact our Alpharetta office today.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone