Create a Beautiful Staycation Destination

While certain states are opening up after COVID restrictions have been lifted, many families are still choosing to stay at home. Traveling has become more difficult and inconvenient, not to mention expensive, so staying home as a family to enjoy a “staycation” is something many people are choosing to do.

If you are going to spend a lot of time at home this summer, why not make your backyard into a private resort by incorporating landscapes and hardscapes? You can create a private oasis that is perfect for relaxing on the weekends and evenings all week long. Shaded outdoor dining areas will draw you outdoors. Shade is of utmost importance here in the Georgia summers, and a pergola is a beautiful feature that will provide you with an entertaining area with plenty of cooling shade. Many people choose to incorporate an outdoor kitchen under a covered area to have all the things they need to cook outside without having to run in and out of the house.

Another popular hardscape feature for your landscape is a firepit. There are so many different styles and designs that you can choose to enhance the façade of your property. A firepit area can include just a stone firepit or expand to include seating areas for entertaining. Stone benches and walls can be designed around a firepit to create a complete ambiance of relaxation and appeal.

If you have space in your yard, you can also add flowering arbors, waterfalls, fountains, and stone walkways that truly set your yard apart from anywhere else in your neighborhood.

There are countless options for creating a spectacular oasis in your yard. With the craziness that the world has seen in the past 18 months, families are choosing, now more than ever, to spend their free time at home – together. You can create a beautiful retreat for a wonderful staycation that will invite you back day after day, month after month, and year after year.

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