Create a Path for High Traffic Areas in Your Yard

We have been enjoying a beautiful spring here in North Georgia. Despite the unprecedented times that our Nation is facing, one of the biggest blessings has been that children and families have been able to spend a lot of time outdoors. With new trees, plants, and flowers blooming out each week, your yard can be an oasis during these troubling times. Spending time out of doors can cure bad moods, promote health, and provide fresh air and an extra helping of Vitamin D.

While you are outdoors enjoying the sunshine, pay attention to the high traffic areas in your yard. Areas of grass that receive a high amount of foot traffic can quickly form an unwanted “path.” When grass is walked on frequently throughout the day, it will begin to be pushed down and die. One way to conquer this unsightly path in your yard is to police foot traffic. However, that is not always easy to enforce! If there are places in your yard that are not holding up well, you may want to create a designated path for high traffic areas.

When trying to prevent a rut in your yard from being created by high traffic – especially where you do not want trampled or dead grass to be – making a designated path helps. A well-planned landscape will help you navigate kids, neighbors, and family members to walk and play where you want them to. Natural stone is an excellent choice for creating a designated path because it provides longevity, easy maintenance, and it will keep your property looking great for years to come. Natural stone is a landscaping investment that dramatically enhances the beauty of any landscape. At Alliance Stone, we have the best natural stone products to choose from: fieldstone, flagstone, accent boulders, pavers, and more. Any of these options will hold up under high traffic and will look beautiful well into the future.

If your landscape needs sprucing up, or if you want to create a path for high traffic areas in your yard, contact Alliance Stone today. We sell our quality products directly to homeowners and landscapers, assuring that you get beautiful products at affordable prices. Browse through our Idea Gallery, and call us for your project ideas.

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