Create the Patio of Your Dreams

Beautiful weather has arrived in North Georgia, and more than ever people are enjoying time outdoors. Perhaps it is because we have all been couped up for the past 14 months, but whatever the reason – it is good to be outside!

The most traditional outdoor living area is an extended patio. These ground level areas provide extra seating, often a fire pit, and a space to entertain family and friends. Patios are often used as an extension of the home, adding additional space to spread out when the weather is nice. Many homeowners want to take on the project of creating an outdoor patio space themselves. Below are the steps to get you started so that you can turn your dream into reality.

  1. Level the area. You need to know the boundaries of the patio space you want to create. Use stakes or spray paint to measure out your space, and then get to work leveling the area. As you excavate the space, you will need to knock down high spots in the soil and remove debris.
  2. Lay out the stone. Natural stone and flagstone all work like a big puzzle. You will need to lay out your individual stones to find the best fit. As you are laying out the stone, make sure to pay attention to the gaps between your stones. You want all gaps to be as consistent as possible for a seamless, attractive look. It is important to note where your furniture will sit and what areas will receive the heaviest foot traffic.
  3. Cut the stones. Every stone is different. In order to create a clean edge, remove sharp edges, or make a large stone work in a smaller space you will need to cut the stones. You can use a chisel and hammer to form the stones to your desired shapes. Make sure to always wear safety glasses when cutting or breaking stone.
  4. Set the stones in place. Flagstone will need a sand base to keep the stones in place. If you are using flagstone, set the stones one at a time, lifting the stone and pouring enough sand underneath to cushion the entire stone. Once you replace the stone, wiggle it and push it down so that sand fills every crevice. You should use a rubber mallet to pound the stones in place.
  5. Check the stones. Once your project is complete, you need to make sure each piece is secure. Walk all over your patio and make sure you step on every single stone to ensure that they do not tip. If a stone is not stable, lift it and add sand beneath it as needed.

If you are thinking about building a patio area, contact Alliance Stone. We will help you choose the right style, size, and amount of stone required for your project.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone