Draw Attention to Hardscapes with Natural Stone or Veneers

Creating a spectacular landscape is labor of love. Getting every element just right will complete both the visual and functional aesthetics of the space. When it comes to hardscapes, plain or unremarkable features can negatively impact the end result and leave you dissatisfied.

There are several ways that you can use natural stone or stone veneers to enhance the appearance of hardscapes. These features should play as much importance in your landscape design as the lawn, plants, trees and shrubs that make up your floral designs.


If you are planning on installing retaining walls, fieldstone is the perfect building material. This sturdy and durable stone is also used to build outdoor fireplaces and kitchens. In fact, as one of the most versatile materials available, you may also want to consider building a pool if you have space.


Flagstones are perfectly suited for creating unique seating areas that stand out against the surrounding landscape. If you want a design with pathways that allow for easy navigation from feature to feature, flagstones can help you make those connections.


To add a touch of class to your hardscape features, pavers are recommended. These concrete products are favored in construction of permanent fixtures such as seating areas, the poolside, driveways and as a surrounding base for other hardscape structures.


Gravels are a great way to break up or border spaces around your landscape. For homeowners who prefer a more minimalist look, gravels provide the contrast that would otherwise come from floral features. Alliance Stone can provide choices from a large range of gravels to landscapers or directly to homeowners.

Landscaping by Your Design

At Alliance Stone, we supply only the highest standard in natural stone and veneers. We recommend consulting with your landscaper before including any building material in your hardscape designs. Our specialist team members are also available to answer any questions you may have about the suitability of our products for any projects.

To learn more about the affordable products available from Alliance Stone, call our Cummings, GA offices today. We look forward to helping you achieve your hardscape and landscape goals.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone