Finding A Contractor

Finding a reputable contractor can be frustrating. You have a vision in your mind for your project, but you can't do it yourself. It's up to someone else to capture your vision and complete it with excellence, expertise, and at a reasonable price. If you're in the process of securing a contractor for your next project around your home, here are three things to keep in mind.

Be Specific

When you're ready to start contacting potential contractors, be sure you have a specific plan in mind. A prospective contractor needs to know what work you want to have done and what you want the end product to look and function like. Make sure you present the potential contractors with the same plan so when you're choosing which is best for you, and you’re comparing apples to apples.

Be Picky

Interview at least three contractors before you pick which one is right for you. Ask each one to present you with a written bid that includes the same materials and tasks. After you choose the right one for your project, make sure you sign a contract spelling out exactly what you agreed upon.

Be An Investigator

Check out the contractors' references. Ask others for referrals. Check licenses, complaints, and litigation history. The Better Business Bureau and local court records document problems for you to use as a reference.

Alliance Stone – Helping You Locate A Natural Stone Contractor In Atlanta

If you don’t have the time or energy to engage in the process of finding the right contractor, Alliance Stone can help. We have many reliable contractors that we do business with every day. We would be happy to introduce you to one who will fill your need for your next project. Call us today.

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