French Drain: Functional and Beautiful

When it comes to having a drain installed in your yard, you want something that does the job you need it to do without being an eyesore. A French drain is nothing more than a ditch in the ground, inset with a perforated pipe under a layer of gravel. This type of drain is designed to funnel stormwater away from where you do not want it and deposit it in a more desirable place. Yet, as with most things “French,” a French drain has an attractive appearance that can add a layer of beauty to your yard.

It is nice when something functional can also be beautiful, and that is exactly what a French drain is. Of course, some French drains are designed more beautifully than others, but you have the option of adding an attractive and useful drainage solution to carry water away from where it is not desired.

French drains manage water at ground level. If, after a rainstorm, water tends to pool in a particular low spot on your property, a French drain can reroute the flow of water to alleviate the problem.  A French drain is an ideal solution for basements that admit water through the foundation. “Wet basements” get the term from water that presses against the foundation and gradually leaks through. A French drain that is installed along your outer foundation walls can not only save you money, but it can also protect the integrity of your home.

At Alliance Stone, we provide a variety of options to create a functional and beautiful French drain. You will need to fill the French drain with gravel, and then you will have the opportunity to create an attractive façade for the visible portion of your French drain. While some people bury the drain and plant grass over it, many people choose to create a beautiful focal point with a French drain. After installation, a French drain can be outlined with beautiful edging stones and covered with attractive stones that create a beautiful path in your yard for water to follow.

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