How to Plan an Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor KitchenIf you love spending time out in the yard, why not make the space more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing? Outdoor living spaces enhance any home. You can relax as a family, invite friends over or take time away from all the troubles of the world to simply relax.

Designing outdoor living spaces can become challenging. You want structures and areas that offer comfort and functionality. However, it is important to consider how elements will fit together. Every feature should compliment your existing landscape and hardscapes.

Seamless Living Spaces

In some cases, outdoor spaces should look and feel like an extension of your home. For instance, an open space living room would typically attach to the main property. This prevents the feature from appearing disjointed and out of place.

Patios and seating areas can also benefit from staying close to the main entrance of the home. You can enjoy relaxing outside while benefiting from shade from the sun or inclement weather. There is also no rule against having multiple seating areas that serve different purposes.

Feature Integration

Consider how new hardscapes will integrate with existing features. You may wish to hire a professional to help you with design elements. The proximity and placement of new landscape features is important for symmetry and balance.

How you use functional hardscapes is something else to think about when considering placement. Having an outdoor kitchen close to the home makes sense. However, you will want to provide fireplaces and firepits with a more open location.

Natural Stone Supplies

With natural stone, you can create a range of outdoor features. Boulders come in all shapes, sizes and colors, providing you with a unique building material. Fieldstone is ideal for creating attractive and functional hardscapes such as fireplaces and retaining walls. For your pathways and other ground level structures, flagstones and pavers are recommended.

At Alliance Stone, we will take care of all your natural stone supply needs. If you need a reliable contractor, we can recommend industry specialists in North Georgia. Call our offices today to find out if we deliver in your area.

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