Interesting Uses for Stone Veneers

Stone veneers application for a moder house exterior.An increasingly popular material for making home improvements, stone veneers are ideal for interior and exterior design. Benefits include durability, versatility, beauty and natural appearance. With stone veneers, you can add sophistication and elegance to any space at a fraction of the cost and time.

While stone veneers are typically used to transform walls and fireplaces, they have many other applications that can enhance your home. Alliance Stone is available to provide further suggestions when you call our offices in Atlanta.

Improving Furniture

If you want to give your furniture a makeover, consider using stone veneers. Items ideal for this type of project include table surfaces, cabinets and countertops. The result is a natural-looking finish that looks and feels like the real thing.

Create Striking Backsplashes

The backsplashes in your kitchen and bathroom can benefit from adding stone veneers. You can get creative in your home with various textures and colors. It is possible to completely transform the look and feel of a room with natural-looking veneers.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Retaining walls, patios and other hardscapes are visually enhanced with stone veneers. A mixture of greenery and stone will enhance the natural appearance of any outdoor space. Creating harmony between landscape features with the right colors and textures is also possible.

Enhanced Entryways

Your front entrance should be a welcoming space for family and friends. Beautiful entryways will benefit from stone veneers on exterior walls, pillars, cladding or flooring. The effect is a vibrant and warm entryway.

Business Premises

If you own business premises, creating warm and welcoming spaces is essential. A fixture of stone veneers throughout the property will enhance public and private spaces. You can also add stone veneers to the exterior of the building to make your storefront look natural and unique.

Stone veneers are incredibly versatile. You can experiment with colors, textures and placement to completely transform any space. If you are interested in discovering more about the uses of stone veneers in Atlanta, Alliance Stone can help.

Call our offices today for all your natural stone and stone veneer needs. We look forward to helping you complete your home or business projects in Atlanta, Georgia.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone