Is Pea Gravel Right For Your Yard?

When it comes to updating your landscape, there are more options available than you probably imagined. From different materials to different colors, the combinations of options can be somewhat overwhelming. Many homes and businesses use pine straw or mulch around their natural areas, and while these options are common they often end up costing homeowners and business owners much more money than they projected. You see, pine straw and mulch biodegrade and lose their luster after just a few months, which means it must constantly be replaced. If you are interested in a more permanent solution for your natural area, pea gravel may be right for you.

Pea gravel consists of a variety of stones in different colors and similar shapes and sizes. Pea gravel can easily be combined with other natural stones, because their natural appearance allows them to coordinate with most surroundings. Used as a decorative approach in your landscaping, pea gravel effortlessly adds visual interest and appeal to your property.

Before choosing to use pea gravel for your landscape, it will be important to consider a few things:

  1. You need to put a layer of landscaping fabric down prior to spreading pea gravel. Weeds and plants can easily grow into areas where pea gravel is lain, disrupting the appearance and beauty of your natural area.
  2. You will need some type of edging material to help keep the pea gravel contained. Foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and even movement caused by heavy winds can displace pea gravel from its intended area. Using edging material will help keep this landscaping material in its proper place.
  3. Consider whether or not children will be tempted to play in your landscaped area. Many families have chosen to use pea gravel around gardens, flower beds, pools, and walkways. While this is can offer a stunning appearance, young children are often tempted to pick up the rocks and throw them. Hitting a rock with your lawn mower can cause damage to your machine as well as injury to you or anyone who happens to be nearby. Pools can also become “targets” for throwing the stones. Just keep in mind that children are children, and take that into consideration.

At Alliance Stone, we offer a huge variety of options to help design and create an aesthetically pleasing impression for your landscape. Contact us today to discuss whether pea gravel is the right material for you to use in your next project.

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