Let’s Discuss The Space Between Your Pavers

Cumming GA Company Supplying Stone PaversAlliance Stone offers a large variety of high quality pavers for our customers. You can come by our main headquarters in Alpharetta or order them directly on line. We will help you get your stone paver hardscape project started right with the best selection of pavers.

We offer:

  • Belgard Pavers
  • Bergerac
  • Cambridge Cobble
  • Dublin Cobble
  • Holland Stone
  • Lafitt Paver
  • Lafitt Rustic Slab

Once you decide which paver is right for you, you’ll need to consider the gaps you want to leave between your pavers. Your pavers may be intended to create your patio, walkway or driveway. All of these options should be laid upon a base of compacted gravel and typically topped with a layer of sand or another type of filler to keep secure.

As a general rule, your concrete block pavers for your patio should be close together and the edges of the pavers should touch. If you’re covering your patio with brick or flagstones use wider gaps or you can consider arranging your bricks with small seams in a herringbone type decorative pattern.

For your walkway, use wider gaps. If you choose stone stepping stones it is attractive to keep larger spaces and it can be filled with special gravel or sod. Spaces between these pavers should be about one-half inch unless you’re attempting a stepping stone design.

Your gaps can either be noticeable or create a smooth pattern. Contrasting colors for your fillers accentuate your design and create a visual pattern. If you choose fillers that are close in color, you will create a more unified pattern.

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