Let’s Build a Backyard Stone Pizza Oven

You and the family enjoy pizza. Most Atlanta families do, right? So, why not build a stone pizza oven in your backyard? It’s probably cheaper than you think with stone from Alliance.

Imagine how stunning a stone pizza oven in your backyard would be. Now, imagine sitting that on top of a patio built with bluestone pavers. 

Step #1 — Build a Base

Once you decide on the dimensions and draw a plan, take it to an Alliance Stone supplier, and they’ll sell you the right amount of stone veneer, concrete blocks, rebar and mortar you need for your project. What’s more, if it’s too much for you to DIY, they’ll recommend someone.

This step is incredibly important. The base must be strong and built to last. The key to a strong structure is to check the level often and use lots of mortar.

Step #2 — Build a Foundation for the Oven Floor

When you get to the preferred height for your oven, build the oven floor by sawing grooves in the blocks to lay rebar in a crisscross pattern to support your oven floor. The conventional method uses three inches of sand covered with tarred or felt paper and pour on the concrete. Then, you can put pizza stone on top.

Step #3 — Face the Oven

Use a thin stone veneer that comes in flats and corners to face the fireplace and oven. Trowel the mortar on and press the stone in place. Set the oven floor with heat-resistant mortar.

Step #4 — Build Your Oven

Many want a domed oven because it has a distinctive look; however, that does not mean you must do it. Be brave. Do something different. It is probably less expensive and quicker to use a pizza dome kit, but the choice is yours. Join pieces of stone together with heat-resistant mortar around the oven if you don’t use a domed kit.

Step #5 — Install the Roof

Once again, most will choose a slate roof. Use a center-cut punch and brass or copper nails to affix the roofing material. Copper flashing and edges will add a nice touch.

Now, you and your family are ready for a backyard barbecue that includes stone oven pizza. Contact Alliance Stone in Cumming, GA for all your stone project needs.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone