Making A Decision About Modular Block

Natural Stone Suppliers in Cumming GAYou already know you want a retaining wall. There’s no question about that. The confusion lies when you consider what material to use to build it. Natural stone retaining wall or modular block retaining wall, which will it be?

If you’re wondering about modular blocks, here’s everything you need to know to make your decision:


  • Modular blocks are less expensive than natural stone.
  • There are many different types of modular blocks to choose from.
  • Modular blocks are useful for creative designs. They have the ability to be used for curved walls and other unique designs utilizing straight, waved, convex, concave or bent into inner angles or outer angles for your wall.
  • Site preparation is minimal.
  • Modular block is a durable option and due to the absence of mortar, they are not susceptible to cracking and exclude aesthetically adverse cracks in bed joint and side joints.
  • Modular blocks are pre-engineered.
  • Modular blocks use an interlocking design for installment.
  • Due to the gravity structure system, they use their own weight and coherent mass to remain upright and non-sliding.
  • Water is freely released in front of the wall through dry bed joints. This reduces hydrostatic pressure behind your wall.
  • A modular block wall will break up large monotonous areas into smaller and better-perceived areas.

For all of your modular block needs, contact our Atlanta Modular Block Supplier at Alliance Stone today. We will help you in your selection, instruct you in installation and deliver it right to your doorstep. Call Alliance Stone today!

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