Pea Gravel – A Great Landscaping Choice

Pea GravelPea gravel is a great addition to many areas around your home or commercial property. It is great for driveways, pathways and other landscaping features. It is easy to walk on due to its small and smooth texture. It offers great natural colors and provides a smooth texture. Pea gravel is easy to add to your landscape and requires very little experience or heavy machinery.

 If you’re using pea gravel, there are several things you need to keep in mind as you add it to your landscaping.

  • You will need an edging material for it to be contained.
  • Provide adequate depth to guarantee full coverage.
  • Avoid putting pea gravel on top of soil.

Pea gravel can have the occasional weed that pops up in it, but for the most part is a relatively maintenance-free choice in landscaping. To avoid this and destroy any weeds in your pea gravel area we suggest:

  • Lay a layer of landscaping fabric before you add the pea gravel.
  • Try spreading salt on your pea gravel to kill your weeds.
  • Boiling water can destroy weeds.
  • The old-fashioned method of pulling weeds out by hand is always a tried and true method.

If you’re interested in adding pea gravel to your landscape at your home or commercial property, come see Alliance Stone to see our large variety of pea gravel that we offer. We offer Chattahoochee Pea Gravel, Cumberland Blend, Indian Pea Gravel, and North Carolina Pea Gravel. Come see us today!

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