Home Improvement Without Ants

ants on home floorThe world would fall apart without ants. If people disappeared, the world would continue without a problem. But take away ants and the system falls apart. Still, who wants ants joining your picnic?

Have you noticed how often a beautiful patio or walkway is infested with ants? The sand or even cement used to hold the paving stones or bricks together seems to attract them in large numbers. As they build their homes in the cracks, they deteriorate the integrity of the joint.

You can try to discourage them with sprays, chemicals and even boiling water, but who needs another regular chore?

Construct Your Ideal Project

Any type of natural stone, brick or paver used for your special project needs some sort of product to hold the stones in place in the setting bed. You could use cement. Once cement is used, it is difficult if not impossible to maintain long term. As cement degrades, weeds and ants fill in the gaps. Pull up a weed and you are likely to pull up a chunk of your joinery with it. The stones need to be nearly completely ripped up to repair.

More often, a granular product is spread over the stones, pavers or bricks and swept into all of the joints between. For maintenance, the joints can be cleaned up and more sand brushed in.

Concrete sand or any sand are other popular options. But have you noticed that sand attracts ants?

A Look at Polymers

To fill in the areas between choice stone, choose a polymer product that improves the joinery of your stone, paver or brick project. It increases the stability of all your hard work with a better interlocking capability.

There are a few added benefits of polymers for landscape joinery. Polymers do not require the application of a sealant. They are also resistant to washing out. Weeds do not like them, nor do ants. When you cook out back on the barbeque, you have fewer ants joining the fun.

A Popular Solution

Polymers are popular with landscapers and contractors and are suitable for your DIY projects. Alliance Stone carries two types of polymers for your project in the Cumming, GA area. You may choose from Gator Dust or Polymeric Sand. Check out the polymer products page on their website.

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