Put Your Landscape on Retainer

retaining wallIs your yard rugged or unruly and needing walled in? Perhaps you live on a hill that makes it difficult to maintain the landscape you desire. Or do you dream of a lovely garden but have only the borders of a lawn to work with? Retaining walls can help transform a difficult terrain into the setting that works for your living style.

Functional Walls at Work

Retaining walls have long been used to reduce erosion and create level garden plots in areas of steep terrain. The fabled Hanging Gardens of Babylon most likely used them to create the wonder written about by the ancient Greeks. The recent renewed focus on home improvements has inspired some new uses for retaining walls around the home.

  • Raised bed gardens – Health benefits of gardening have been long recognized. Raised bed gardens aid in access to plantings and may lessen the physical strain in tending it.
  • Create a grand entry to your home – Whether on a hill or on the level, walls can be used to direct foot traffic and the view of your home to the entry of your choice.
  • Sunken patio with firepit – Create a cozy outdoor living area to relax and enjoy a drink and fire after a long day. Retaining walls can create the space as well as help realize a feeling of privacy.
  • Accommodate existing landscape elements – Features such as an old tree that you want to protect or showcase can be set off by a small surrounding wall where you can sit and enjoy your surroundings.

Forming Your Ideal Landscape

While walls may be useful in restraining nature, they can also help to exhibit it’s beauty in a variety of ways.

  • Terraced flower beds promote their easy maintenance and can be used to display a variety of blooms that might otherwise compete for space.
  • They may be used as an aqueduct to direct water to a natural or fabricated feature on your property, as well as create seating around a chosen water feature.
  • Walls make an ideal support structure for moss and ivy so you can enjoy their benefits without their destructive tendencies to your home.
  • Using both curved and straight walls may liven up an otherwise dull yard or direct the eye to a highlighted feature.

If you have only an idea of changes you’d like to make or you already have plans, Alliance Stone has the best quality materials for your needs. Call or email us to let us know how we can help you make your landscape work for you.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone