Recreate the Great Outdoors in Your Yard

Atlanta enjoys some of the best weather in the country, all year round. With four distinct seasons, there is no better place to create exceptional outdoor living spaces in your own yard. At Alliance Stone, we have all the products you need to complete a stunning landscape with hardscape features.

A lawn that stretches the length of your yard, surrounded by vibrant plants and shrubbery, is a garden oasis. However, this type of outdoor space can become drab and lifeless when the season changes from summer to fall. Hardscape features that add a functional element can provide a place to relax from January to December.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is always a sound investment for Atlanta home and business owners. Our temperate weather allows for al fresco dining even during the coolest months. Natural stone is a great base for pizza ovens, barbeques and fully operational kitchens.

Catering to a large number of guests is made easier with access to a second kitchen. An enclosed outdoor setup will allow you to cook outside even in the most challenging weather. Flagstones and boulders are great choices for building a unique outdoor cooking space.

Unique Seating Areas

Real stone seating areas are unique and can be made comfortable with design and ingenuity. The layout of the structure is only restricted by the limits of your imagination. Consider using stone veneers to adorn fixed garden furniture to create a rustic or outdoorsy aesthetic.

For even greater authenticity, you can pile flagstones, boulders or fieldstone to replicate seating spaces from days-gone-by. Your guests will get to experience a taste of the old world in the comfort of your yard. Alliance Stone can work with you to ensure that all hardscape features are built to current standards for durability, stability and safety.

Contemporary Paving

How you design and install paving will also impact the appearance of your landscape. The products available from Alliance Stone can help you achieve any hardscaping vision. We supply gravel, realistic stone veneers, pavers, polymer products and much more to help our customers achieve their outdoor living goals.

For help with design, implementation and installation of stone hardscape features, call Alliance Stone in Atlanta today.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone