Seal the Deal with Natural Stone Fillers in Atlanta

Natural stone really completes outdoor living spaces with spectacular hardscapes. You may wish to create rustic paving, patios or other garden structures using natural stone. Once in place, these features will become both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

However, there are a number of issues that you should consider. Although natural stones are perfect for constructing all manner of hardscapes, the gaps between each stone are a concern. From ant infestation to instability, there are several potential problems to think about.

Natural Stone Sealing

Weeds will grow anywhere when given the opportunity. The gaps between natural stones provide the ideal environment for invasive plant life. The good news is, Alliance Stone has the perfect solution. We provide products that are designed hold your stones in place and provide a seal against weeds.

For larger gaps, we recommend using Atlanta Gator Dust. This product is perfect for preventing weeds from taking root. Gator Dust is spread over the surface of the natural stone until gaps are filled. The excess is easily swept away, followed by an application of water to the dust that results in a hardened filler.

For smaller gaps, Polymeric Sand is used to create an effective seal against weed and pest infestation. The process is much the same and your natural stone hardscapes are afforded equal protection.

Hardscape Stability

These natural stone fillers also serve the purpose of strengthening hardscapes. Structures gain additional stability, ensuring the safety of your family and visitors. As expert providers of stone products in Atlanta, our team can provide guidance on which polymer is suitable for your projects.

If you plan on using your hardscapes for practical purposes, filling in the gaps will increase stability and safety. Recommended uses include retaining walls, pavers, walkways, patios and seating areas. At Alliance Stone, we are committed to helping customers complete landscaping projects in Atlanta. Our customer service and sales staff are always available to answer any questions you may have about our products.

Call Alliance Stone today if you need natural stones, gravel, boulders or fabrications. We look forward to supplying you with all the products necessary to create your garden oasis.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone