Step Up to Flagstone

Steps are a common hardscape feature. Whether they are used to enter and exit your home, get you to the patio or the pool or in a flower bed, steps add functionality and interest to your outdoor projects. While you can use many materials to build steps, each has pros and cons to consider. Let’s look at the ups and downs of treated timber, concrete, brick and flagstone as outdoor steps.

Stable Steps Require Stable Materials

It’s sound logic to use stable materials to build steps. There are many options to choose from, but four typically stable materials choices include timber, concrete, brick and flagstone.

  1.  Timber and pressure-treated timber are beautiful choices for outdoor steps. Many people love the natural look and feel of wood. It can be used with many different home styles and, when maintained properly, can last for years. Pressure-treated wood has preservatives that have been pushed into the wood under a high-pressure procedure. These preservatives can help protect the wood from insects and pests, but they do not waterproof it. Even pressure-treated timbers need maintenance to keep them safe from water damage.
  2. Concrete steps are solid. They can be made from concrete blocks or poured concrete for even more stability. Concrete is commonly used for many landscaping projects. It is safe and can be textured or colored to match existing decor and property.
  3. Bricks are a beautiful option for steps with an old-world charm. For a classic look, bricks are a great option for a traditional look with durability and longevity. An experienced bricklayer should place brick steps for the best outcome.
  4. Flagstone treads are one of the most striking step materials you can find. If you desire beauty and durability, flagstone treads are the ultimate choice. They won’t break or show wear, no matter how much use they see. You don’t need cement or mortar. You simply put the treads in place, and your stairway is finished.

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