Step Up Your Yard-Game with Landscape Stone Steps

Many homes are built on an incline to allow room for a usable basement. With the feature of an inclined yard, one thing you can do to set your yard apart is to add landscape stone steps. Stone steps provide a classic look, are easy to maintain, are rife with design opportunity, and are typically a “one and done” cost. Yes, stone steps do generally cost more than other styles (cross ties, for example), but stone steps can last for generations. Homeowners will certainly get their money's worth out of investing in a stone staircase.

Stone is one of the most versatile and timeless materials that you can use to build steps in your landscape. You can choose the type of stone to use based upon the look that you wish to create in your yard. Stone can be raw and provide a rustic façade. Stone can be cut to perfection and help you achieve a very sophisticated look. And stone can be anywhere in between, providing a natural element to your yard.

When thinking about adding stone to your landscape, it is also essential to think beyond appearance. If you entertain a good deal or have children who will be using your stone steps frequently, it is important to choose a stone that does not have a slippery surface. You may also want to consider how much direct heat the stone steps will receive. Some stones are better at keeping cool and reflecting heat, while others absorb heat and can burn the bottom of your feet.

Adding stone steps to your yard is a timeless and valuable addition. Alliance Stone can help you achieve a magnificent looking outdoor staircase that will accentuate your property. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible North Georgia natural stone products and services in the area. Contact us today to get in the right direction to step up your landscape.

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