Stone Walls are Beautiful

Natural Stone Retaining WallsLandscapes enhanced with stone walls connect the architecture of any building on the property with nature. Natural stone structures create charming boundary markers, garden backdrops or great decorations. Stone structures look better over time.

Used for thousands of years, stone walls were first constructed by primitive people and farmers. Loose rocks were removed from fields to prepare land for planting. The rocks were moved to the boundaries of the fields and piled into dry stone walls. Stone walls are a reminder of established properties and enduring beauty.

Available Materials

Freestanding stone walls are two-sided with nothing pushing on either side of it. They are usually constructed of wall stone, which comes in either regular or thin styles. Thin wall stone is 1-3 inches thick, whereas regular wall stone is bigger and blockier.

There are many concrete products that can be constructed from stone walls. But, the beauty and durability of natural stone make it an easy decision. Natural stone comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. This makes choosing a look that will enhance your existing structures easy. The most common choices for stone walls are granite, quartzite and fieldstone. The latter is weathered and often has moss and lichen attached. This gives a newly constructed wall a look of age and establishment.


There are two methods of constructing a stone wall; dry stack or mortar. A dry-stacked wall creates a more natural look than a mortared one. By interlocking the stones together, they can stand upright due to the pressure created by the weight. However, it is recommended that your stone wall be mortared to protect the feature. One wrong move from a mower that is well placed or containing enough force could damage your beautiful stone wall. Tall stone walls need to be mortared to keep the rocks together. Skilled masons are able to construct mortared walls with a dry stacked appearance.

Meet the Stone Experts

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