The Unique Characteristics Of Flagstone

Flagstone Steps in a Back YardAlliance Stone is North Georgia’s source for natural stone products such as flagstone. Flagstone is a popular choice of many landscapers due to its unique and beautiful characteristics. Flagstone is used in many different types of projects such as patios, pool decks,  outdoor living areas, walkways, interior bathrooms, interior sunrooms and many, many more.

Alliance Stone loves flagstone and listed below are seven reasons why.

  1. Its natural color – flagstone has nice natural tones and colors that promote peace, and comfort that only nature can provide.
  2. Its longevity- flagstone has been used for thousands of years. It has durability and a classic look that will never go out of style.
  3. Its flexibility- flagstone can be used in a variety of areas including backyards, walkways, patios, indoor bathrooms and just about any other place that you need a natural element.
  4. Its history – flagstone is formed over thousands of years of running water depositing fine layers of sediment, mud and fossils. This forms the layers of smooth and varied textures and colors.
  5. Its uniqueness – every piece of flagstone is unique. No two are the same. When it is quarried each piece is different and can look very different depending on which region it comes from.
  6. Its ability to tell a story – the unique color of each piece of flagstone tells a story about where it is from. For example, if it is reddish is most likely came from an area high in iron oxide.
  7. Its origin – Alliance Stone carries flagstone from Crab Orchard and Oklahoma flagstone.

To get started on your flagstone project at your home or business, contact Alliance Stone.

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