Upgrade Your Countertops

modern kitchenTwo of the most used rooms of your home are your kitchen and bathroom. If you could change one thing to add sophistication to your home, upgrade to stone countertops. Stone is a relatively simple way to modify your living space.

Stone is durable and will serve your home for a very long time. Stone countertops are heavy and require professional installation. And your existing cabinetry may need to be beefed up to handle this new weight. However, there is the added enticement of increased property value. Here are three popular choices for your countertops.


Sleek and modern, granite is aesthetically pleasing and practical. Each piece has its own unique coloring, so do not expect to be able to order an exact pattern or color. Because no two pieces are the same, your home will be unique.

Granite is porous and therefore needs to be sealed upon installation and every other year thereafter. The sealant will protect it from moisture, stains and heat. However, granite is very durable.


Decorative and classy marble has veins of color splashed across its surfaces. No two pieces of marble are alike and this makes each installation unique. This will make your upgrade special.

Marble is not as durable as granite. It is more porous and susceptible to stains, heat damage and scratches. It will require more frequent applications of sealant. Marble is more likely to crack and chip than granite, so extra care is required. But that is the price of something so beautiful.


If you need to be able to plan the exact color and pattern you want, quartz stone is easier to predict. A manufactured product, quartz countertops can be made to look different depending on the methods and resins used to create them.

Quartz has the strength, durability and longevity of granite but does not need a sealant to maintain your upgrade’s look. However, it may become faded or discolored if constantly exposed to sunlight.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone