Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Install a Patio

During the cold and wet winter months, you may not be thinking of enjoying time outdoors on a beautiful patio. You are probably just fine staying nice and cozy indoors. However, winter is the perfect time to install a flagstone patio. There are several perks to installing a patio during this time of year to get the most out of this beautiful landscape feature. Here are some of the leading reasons why now is the ideal time for patio installation:

More Cost-Effective - At the end of winter, many landscaping companies have a surplus of materials. They have materials left over from the previous year that they are desperate to sell, and they have new material that is continually coming in that they also need to sell. This surplus can benefit your wallet because you can often find materials for lower costs when building a patio.

Faster Installation – Any business that concentrates on construction typically slows down in winter. This can mean a faster install of your patio because you will usually be able to schedule your project in the time frame that works for you. It also means that your project may be completed in a shorter time frame because there are fewer projects competing for time.

Less Damage to Your Existing Landscape – Most grasses and plants are dormant during the winter months. Therefore, installing a new outdoor patio poses less of a threat to your landscape. Waiting until spring can cause the cost of your entire project to increase because you may need to replace sod, plants, or flowers that are damaged during installation.

More Time to Enjoy Your Patio – Having a patio installed during winter means that you will be able to enjoy it for the rest of the year. Waiting until spring or summer to install a patio will mean having to wait longer to enjoy it.

At Alliance Stone, we have the highest quality materials you need for your landscaping projects. Flagstone is a popular choice for outdoor patios because it is versatile and reasonably priced. Call today for your custom quote.

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