Will Building Walls Protect Your Property?

If your home is your castle, building walls can provide protection. However, you don’t need to create an impenetrable compound. There are benefits to having strong supporting structures in several areas of your property. Alliance Stone can take care of all your supply needs.

Natural stone is used in the construction of features such as pathways, patios and retaining walls. Homeowners can build structures that offer privacy, protection from the weather and support for subsurface soil. With careful planning, you can create functional hardscapes that don’t detract from the beauty of your landscape.

Privacy Walls

Spending time outdoors should allow you to relax and shut out the world. Building high walls along the edge of your property will provide privacy. You may want to limit these structures to seating and poolside areas. As long as walls adhere to all legal construction standards, you can also surround your entire property.

Using natural stone allows you to build walls that are strong and durable. You also have the option of choosing a formal or natural look. Popular stone choices include Anchor Diamond 9D, Diamond Pro Beveled, Diamond Pro Cap, Diamond Pro Straight and Diamond Beveled.

Poolside Enclosure

If you have young children using your pool, controlling access is a safety issue. Building a gated wall around the poolside offers protection. Kids cannot access the pool without an adult, giving you peace-of-mind when little ones are playing outside.

Flagstones are a good choice for building poolside walls. Modular block, natural stones and stone fabrications are also versatile products. You can ensure that your structures are stable by using polymer products to hold stone in place.

Lake Wall Support

Lakes and ponds can cause soil to erode over time. One way to combat this effect involves building a lakeside wall. These structures are designed to protect your property against the impacts of water, weather and substrate problems. You can also plant trees with strong root systems along the shoreline to strengthen soil.

If you need quality products to build walls around your property, reach out to Alliance Stone today. Alternatively, browse our website and use the online contact form if you have any questions.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone