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A necessary component of any natural stone patio will be some sort of polymer product to hold your stones in place. Polymer products are basically any granular material placed between the joints of the stones used in driveways, patios, and walkways. Using polymers improves the interlocking of your natural stone product, and thus increases the structure's stability and durability.

In the past regular, run-of-the-mill sand was used to connect stonework; but, with recent technological advances, polymers have become very popular among contractors, landscapers and homeowners for helping to secure and stabilize their hardscapes. Polymers have the added benefits of not requiring the application of a sealer and offer a near-perfect form of weed prevention between stone or pavers, a washout prevention advantage and a resistance to ant infestation of the cracks in-between your stones.

We carry two types of polymers at Alliance Stone:

1) Gator Dust - Gator dust is used for filling the large gaps (up to 4-inch gaps) in the joints of natural stone patios, walkways and driveways. You or your landscaping contractor simply spread the gator dust evenly over your recently constructed patio and allow the gator dust to fill in between the stones. You then sweep off the excess, wet the dust that remains in the cracks and, voila!, the dust hardens to form a sturdy filler much like cement.

2) Polymeric Sand - Polymeric sand basically performs the same function as gator dust. The only difference is that polymeric sand is used for gaps in your pavers or stones that are much smaller (1/8 of an inch or so). So, when you use pavers or natural stone that fit tightly together , you'll want to use polymeric sand.

North Georgia Polymeric Sand

But, you don't really have to worry about choosing the correct polymer for your North Georgia pavestones

when you buy your natural stone from Alliance Stone. Our experienced, knowledgeable sales staff will gladly direct you to the polymer product you need for your particular natural stone project.

Contact us at Alliance Stone for not only your natural stone needs, but for the polymer products you'll need as well. You can contact our Atlanta Gator Dust Company at Alliance Stone and we'll gladly assist you with your selection of any natural stone needs or polymer products necessary to complete your project.

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