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  • Chattahoochee Pea Gravel

    Chattahoochee Pea Gravel

    This variety is one of the most popular forms of pea gravel. It 5/8" size is perfect for creating pathways and driveways as well as accenting flowerbeds. Chattahoochee Pea Gravel is also widely used in outdoor fire pits and as an attractive filler between flagstone joints.
  • Cumberland Blend

    Cumberland Blend

    Cumberland Blend is a highly versatile gravel product. It is typically 1/2" size and has an angular shape so that it stays securely in place once laid. This makes it ideal for higher traffic areas such as turnarounds, driveways and pathways. Cumberland Blend is also used for flower beds and in between flagstone joints, as it is attractive and compacts well.
  • Indian Pea Gravel

    Indian Pea Gravel

    Want to add some color to your outdoor space? Indian Pea Gravel can an excellent choice. Instead of using muted browns or solid grays, consider a more colorful gravel within your flower beds, islands or flagstone. This subtle variety of natural colors can add a powerful dimension to your landscape and pathways.
  • Medium Slate Chips

    Medium Slate Chips

    If you want a bolder gravel variety with a gray-toned appearance, consider choosing slate chips. Medium slate chips can be as large as 1.5"-2.5" inches in size and excellent for creating pathways and flower beds. We also offer mini slate chips that are 1/2"-1" in size. Mini slate chips are frequently chosen for their aesthetic appeal in between bluestone.
  • North Carolina Pea Gravel

    North Carolina Pea Gravel

    This special decorative river gravel offers more color variety than traditional egg rock. North Carolina Pea Gravel is 3/4"-1.5" in size and a great foundational choice for flower beds and under deck spaces.
  • TN River Rock 4-10

    TN River Rock 4-10

    If you are looking for a quality gravel product for a dry creek bed or areas of water runoff in your landscape, this is a superior choice. To ensure its beautiful appearance is maintained, you’ll need to first lay down landscaping fabric underneath your dry creek bed to prevent weeds from emerging through the river rock.

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