Portland Cement

Type-S Buff/Gray Mortar

Holcim Portland Cement is a cost-effective, basic building material which is used in a wide variety of commercial and architectural concrete construction applications. Uses include cast-in-place, pre-cast, tilt-up, water tanks, drains, bridges, roads, pipes, concrete masonry units (CMU), pre-stressed concrete members, masonry mortars and grouts. When used to make concrete with the proper mix design, Holcim Portland Cement is able to resist the attack of harsh environmental influences such as frost, water, oil and de-icing chemicals.

The primary ingredients of Holcim Portland Cement are calcium silicates based clinker and gypsum ground to a fine powder that, when mixed with water, sets and hardens into a solid monolithic mass. The hydration of calcium silicates forms a gel-like material called calcium silicate hydrate.
All Holcim manufacturing is quality controlled to ensure optimum product performance and uniformity.

• Type I - Normal
• Type II - Moderate Sulfate Resistance
• Type III - High Early Strength
• Type V - High Sulfate Resistance
Holcim Portland Cement is produced to meet one of the applicable designations. Some cements may meet several designations such as Types I and II and may also meet some of the optional requirements of the above specifications (such as low alkali or low activity with aggregates). Holcim, in some locations, also manufactures air entrained cements.

Holcim Portland Cement is supplied in bulk quantities (tons) or 42 kg (92 lb) bags for Type I, Type I, II and Type V or 21 kg (46 lb) bags for Type I and Type I, II. Holcim Portland Cement is shipped by rail, barge and/or truck.

There are many variables that affect concrete performance beyond the control of the cement manufacturer. Good concreting practices are required in order to achieve desired results. Attention must be given to formwork, batching, mixing, placing, finishing and curing. In special applications, selection of aggregates, admixtures and additives may need to be scrutinized.

Holcim Mortamix Masonry Cement is part of Holcim’s Envirocore family of environmentally friendly products. These products, which may utilize or be comprised of pre-consumer or recycled materials, are manufactured to maximize eco-efficiency. Use of these materials may contribute to obtaining LEED credits in green building and sustainable design.

Holcim Mortamix Masonry Cement is scientifically formulated and manufactured to be used in producing masonry mortars for use in brick, block and stone masonry. Holcim Mortamix Masonry Cement also can be used to produce stucco, a versatile facing material that can be applied to wall or ceiling surfaces to achieve special architectural finishes.

Holcim Mortamix Masonry Cement is a combination of portland cement, plasticizers, ground limestone and air entraining additives. The above ingredients are combined and processed at Holcim manufacturing facilities under controlled conditions to ensure uniform performance.

Holcim Mortamix Masonry Cement is produced to meet ASTM C 91 Type N, Type S or Type M strength levels to be used, respectively, in preparing Type N, S or M mortar that conforms to ASTM Standard Specification C 270.

While climate conditions, exposure and engineering requirements must be considered, Type N mortar, 5 MPa (750 psi), is recommended for above-grade interior and exterior load-bearing and non-load bearing walls. Types S and M mortars are higher compressive strength of 12 and 17 MPA (1800 and 2500 psi), respectively, and are recommended for walls below-grade and load-bearing walls where higher compressive strengths are needed.

Holcim Mortamix Masonry Cement is available in the following packaging sizes (bags):
• Type N - 32 kg (70.5 lb)
• Type S - 34 kg (75 lb)
• Type M - 36 kg (79.4 lb)

Holcim Mortamix Masonry Cement is gray. Holcim also markets pigmented masonry products such as Holcim Mortamix Rainbow Custom Color Masonry Cements.

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