Variety – The Spice Of Your Landscaping

We’ve all heard that variety is the spice of life. This proverb symbolizes that new and exciting experiences make your life more interesting. Diversity in life makes things exciting and gives you opportunities to grow. The term applies mostly to experiences that enhance and make your life more interesting, but variety is also exciting when it comes to your landscaping as well.

Pea Gravel – A Great Landscaping Choice

Pea gravel is a great addition to many areas around your home or commercial property. It is great for driveways, pathways and other landscaping features. It is easy to walk on due to its small and smooth texture. It offers great natural colors and provides a smooth texture. Pea gravel is easy to add to your landscape and requires very little experience or heavy machinery.

Flagstone – The Perfect Complement To Your Other Landscape Materials

The word complement means two things: A thing that completes or brings to perfection. A number or quantity of something required to make a group complete. When it comes to flagstone, it has a powerful complementary characteristic for your landscape. Flagstone offers a natural stone look and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Its diversity and versatility make it a popular choice of many landscapers.

April Showers Will Bring You May Flowers In Your Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can be a great addition both functionally and aesthetically to your home. They can control your water drainage and prevent erosion as well. In addition to its functionality, if it’s constructed with high quality materials like those at Alliance Stone they add beauty. Another less known benefit to a retaining wall is the fact that they can serve as an area to plant greenery and flowers.

Let’s Discuss The Space Between Your Pavers

Alliance Stone offers a large variety of high quality pavers for our customers. You can come by our main headquarters in Alpharetta or order them directly on line. We will help you get your stone paver hardscape project started right with the best selection of pavers.

Making A Decision About Modular Block

You already know you want a retaining wall. There’s no question about that. The confusion lies when you consider what material to use to build it.

Want a Warm Backyard?

It’s cold outside! There’s nothing that can compare to a natural fire in your backyard to warm you! Or perhaps you’d like to grill your food outside even with these cooler temperatures. For whatever reason you’d like a fire in your backyard, Alliance Stone has a solution for you.

The Statements Of Stone

Stone speaks. It says more than you think. Although it doesn’t actually utter words, it makes many statements that require no words.

We’re At Your Service For The Holidays

What’s on the top of your wish list for the holidays? Are you eyeing a new phone and hoping Santa is feeling generous this year? Does the bling of a new piece of jewelry appeal to you? Perhaps, instead of things you just want to relax and be served for once.

What’s Surrounding What You’re Most Grateful For In Your Yard?

November is a time to reflect upon what we’re most grateful for. Have you glanced out your window lately into your yard? What’s your most valued possession in your landscape? Perhaps you have a tree that was there before you were.