The Gift That Keeps Giving

Many times, it is hard to think of precisely what we want to receive for the holidays. Do we want that new fancy phone with the fantastic camera? Do we want a gift card to our favorite massage spa? Too often, people settle for something that they do not really want because they cannot come up with a good idea. Well, change that this year and give yourself a gift that keeps on giving.

Now Is The Perfect Time For a Fire Pit

Halloween brought in the crisp, cool temperatures that Autumn is known for here in Georgia. The month of November is the perfect time to utilize an outdoor space for entertaining, hanging out, and enjoying a nice warm fire. Building a fire pit in your backyard is a beautiful way to utilize your space, both functionally and aesthetically.

Step Up Your Yard-Game with Landscape Stone Steps

Many homes are built on an incline to allow room for a usable basement. With the feature of an inclined yard, one thing you can do to set your yard apart is to add landscape stone steps. Stone steps provide a classic look, are easy to maintain, are rife with design opportunity, and are typically a “one and done” cost. Yes, stone steps do generally cost more than other styles (cross ties, for example), but stone steps can last for generations.

Is Pea Gravel Right For Your Yard?

When it comes to updating your landscape, there are more options available than you probably imagined. From different materials to different colors, the combinations of options can be somewhat overwhelming. Many homes and businesses use pine straw or mulch around their natural areas, and while these options are common they often end up costing homeowners and business owners much more money than they projected.

Interlocking Concrete Paver Driveways

Are you considering a new driveway? Do you have a new construction house that needs a new driveway? Does your existing driveway need to be replaced? If you’re in the market for a new or replacement driveway, why not think about other options besides the traditional concrete or asphalt driveway?

Finding A Contractor

Finding a reputable contractor can be frustrating. You have a vision in your mind for your project, but you can't do it yourself. It's up to someone else to capture your vision and complete it with excellence, expertise, and at a reasonable price. If you're in the process of securing a contractor for your next project around your home, here are three things to keep in mind.

A Sure Step

Alliance Stone offers many options for your walking surfaces. Flagstone, pavers, gravel and flagstone step threads are great additions to any outdoor walking surface. They provide a beautiful, natural, and solid addition to your home or landscape. Call our professionals to see which product is right for your next project.

All About Job Quotes

If you're about to start a project of any kind, it's crucial to enlist the empowering act of acquiring job quotes. Getting a job quote is essentially soliciting a bid for a job or project. Typical bid proposals should include an hourly wage, cost of materials, and the description of the service.

5 Reasons You’d Want A Boulder In Your Landscaping

Alliance Stone is Atlanta’s landscape boulder supplier. When you need fieldstone boulders for your landscaping project or to order any other natural stone products, you can count on us to deliver you with the best stone products and supplies.

Your Backyard –Transporting You To Another World

As you think back to some of your favorite places you've visited, where are your thoughts transported? Are you taken to an oasis you discovered on a desert adventure? Do your thoughts go directly to a waterfall you stumbled upon when you were on an exotic island? Perhaps your mind goes straight to a resort with a pool you laid beside for an entire week while sipping your favorite beverage.