Can We Please Just Talk About Gardens?

It’s December. We are nearing the end of 2021, and it’s safe to say we’re looking forward to a new year. In the spirit of hoping 2022 feels easier and safer for all of us, let’s step out of the holiday chaos and look forward to the natural beauty we can create for a fresh new garden in the Spring.

Recreate the Great Outdoors in Your Yard

Atlanta enjoys some of the best weather in the country, all year round. With four distinct seasons, there is no better place to create exceptional outdoor living spaces in your own yard. At Alliance Stone, we have all the products you need to complete a stunning landscape with hardscape features.

Draw Attention to Hardscapes with Natural Stone or Veneers

Creating a spectacular landscape is labor of love. Getting every element just right will complete both the visual and functional aesthetics of the space. When it comes to hardscapes, plain or unremarkable features can negatively impact the end result and leave you dissatisfied.

Create an Attractive Exterior for Your Home or Business

The outside of your home or business will be the primary area any visitors first notice. Whether you are engaging in a personal or professional matter, knowing that you have made a good first impression is undeniably important.

Let’s Build a Backyard Stone Pizza Oven

You and the family enjoy pizza. Most Atlanta families do, right? So, why not build a stone pizza oven in your backyard? It’s probably cheaper than you think with stone from Alliance.

How to Care for Your Outdoor Kitchen

When you make an investment, you want to protect it. Most people don’t choose to spend a lot of money to have it go to waste. Yet, that is what millions of people do every year. They will put a great deal of time and money into a project, and then without proper maintenance and care, it will deteriorate and lose value. An outdoor kitchen is an investment that you want to make sure that you properly maintain so that it will last as long as possible.

Make Your Yard More Stunning with Hardscapes

This is the time of the year when people are outside the most and want to enjoy relaxing moments in their yards. Other than cutting your grass weekly or bi-weekly, summer is generally a “low key” time where you are able to enjoy your yard instead of work in it. If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, you definitely want to enjoy the space you are in. Adding a hardscape design feature both increases property values and allows you to utilize your space even more. With proper care and design, you can create an atmosphere that you can enjoy throughout all seasons of the year.

Create a Beautiful Staycation Destination

While certain states are opening up after COVID restrictions have been lifted, many families are still choosing to stay at home. Traveling has become more difficult and inconvenient, not to mention expensive, so staying home as a family to enjoy a “staycation” is something many people are choosing to do.

Create the Patio of Your Dreams

Beautiful weather has arrived in North Georgia, and more than ever people are enjoying time outdoors. Perhaps it is because we have all been couped up for the past 14 months, but whatever the reason – it is good to be outside!

Think Lawn Safety for Your Kids and Pets

While Alliance Stone specializes in landscape materials for your yard, we want to encourage you to think about the safety of your lawn for your children and pets. As we all move into spring and enjoy more time outdoors, it is essential to remember that the chemicals and products we put on our yards can affect those we love.