Upgrade Your Countertops

Two of the most used rooms of your home are your kitchen and bathroom. If you could change one thing to add sophistication to your home, upgrade to stone countertops. Stone is a relatively simple way to modify your living space.

Bringing Your Georgia Landscape to Life with Fieldstones

Has your landscape lost its soul? When the designs of yesteryear look tired and outdated, fieldstones can offer versatile solutions. There are several areas of your yard that may benefit from a refresh. Adding hardscapes can help you achieve all your redesign goals.

Stone Walls are Beautiful

Landscapes enhanced with stone walls connect the architecture of any building on the property with nature. Natural stone structures create charming boundary markers, garden backdrops or great decorations. Stone structures look better over time.

Beautiful and Functional Uses for Boulders

Fieldstone boulders are an interesting variety of natural stone that can provide functional and aesthetic value to your property. These are rough rocks that are meant to be used as they are to provide focal points, water falls, borders or other functions. While there are many natural stone options we offer at Alliance Stone, one of the more intriguing rock types are our 1, 2 and 3 man boulders. There are many imaginative ways to incorporate boulders into your landscaping for beauty and function.

Put Your Landscape on Retainer

Is your yard rugged or unruly and needing walled in? Perhaps you live on a hill that makes it difficult to maintain the landscape you desire. Or do you dream of a lovely garden but have only the borders of a lawn to work with? Retaining walls can help transform a difficult terrain into the setting that works for your living style.

Seal the Deal with Natural Stone Fillers in Atlanta

Natural stone really completes outdoor living spaces with spectacular hardscapes. You may wish to create rustic paving, patios or other garden structures using natural stone. Once in place, these features will become both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Choose Gravel for your Landscape Design

At Alliance Stone, we are dedicated to providing our North Georgia customers with complete landscaping solutions. An outdoor kitchen or patio area forms a focal point in your garden for relaxing and socializing. Many homeowners build their design ideas around these large hardscaping features. However, the smaller design choices are often overlooked and could otherwise bring a landscape to life.

Natural Stone Brings Beauty to Your Home and Landscape

Having a home and yard that brings relaxation and comfort is a dream come true. Creating a space that sparks joy and brings peace and tranquility, even amid a crowd of friends and family, is a project that brings great rewards. One way to bring the beauty of nature right into your personal space is with natural stone.

A Rocky Subject

Flagstones, Field Stones, Pavers, Boulders . . . aren’t they all just rocks? Plans to create an outdoor living space such as a patio, retainer wall or water feature can be confusing if you’re unclear about the terms used by stone suppliers. To have a project completed as you wish, you must be able to communicate with contractors and suppliers. Crucial to that communication are basic definitions of the variety of rocks in question. Each supplier may have an assortment of specialty products, but here we’ve compiled a brief vocabulary that is used industry wide.

Step Up to Flagstone

Steps are a common hardscape feature. Whether they are used to enter and exit your home, get you to the patio or the pool or in a flower bed, steps add functionality and interest to your outdoor projects. While you can use many materials to build steps, each has pros and cons to consider. Let’s look at the ups and downs of treated timber, concrete, brick and flagstone as outdoor steps.